Last week of classes!

This week has been an interesting reflection period for both my undergraduate course work and for our class in particular. As we recapped the ways in which the information age has been talked about in the past, we kept coming back to the idea of Virtual Reality and all of its pros and cons.
When it comes to preserving history in this way, there were so many wonderful ideas as to how that preservation might take place. Ultimately, we were able to come to the conclusion that the technology that students have available to them now if far beyond what we could have every imagined and that access to something like VR could be beneficial to their learning experience.
While we did not touch on it as much during discussion, I really enjoyed Mark Alleyne’s article discussing how we think about the international system in the information age. Here, he outlines the ways in which you cannot have global communication without global access to communication. This is something that resonated with me especially after having had the opportunity to visit Townships in South Africa last year. The ways in which we discuss and utilize communication is DRASTICALLY different and I think it’s important to recognize how privileged we are in being able to communicate both within our country as well as with those living in other nations.

Alleyne, Mark D. “Thinking about the International System in the ‘Information Age’: Theoretical Assumptions and Contradictions.” Journal of Peace Research 31, no. 4 (1994): 407-24.

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